Denali Consulting provides information technology services to small and medium sized businesses. Our skills and flexibility allow us to provide services for a variety of projects and situations.

Technical Consulting

Technology is a requirement in nearly all businesses today. Wouldn’t you like to make the most of your expensive investment? We can do more than just solve your current IT problems - we can work with you to create a long term plan which grows with your company. Afraid it will be difficult communicating with an IT professional? You’ll be working with an experienced consultant who communicates with you in everyday terms. Why not have your IT taken care of so you can focus on your business?

  • Ongoing support for laptops, desktops, servers and networking equipment
  • Mobile devices, rollout, management. IOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Servers: Exchange, RDS (Terminal), IIS, Virtualization
  • Network design and implementation
  • Secure remote access
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Project analysis
  • Maintenance contracts

Hosted Services/Cloud Consulting

There are many products and services available to small businesses today which were previously available only to larger companies, or companies willing to make significant IT investments. Cloud services and other hosted software options allow small businesses to have access to full-featured email and collaboration tools. The monthly subscription model for cloud services is very attractive to many businesses and removes some unpredictability from IT expenditures. While cloud services are beneficial for many businesses, they are not necessarily a good fit for all. We have the flexibility and experience to help you determine whether cloud services would work well for your company.

  • Server virtualization
  • Migration to hosted/cloud services
  • Microsoft 365
  • Disaster recovery
  • Online backup

Fractional Chief Information Officer

A Fractional CIO can help align IT spending with business objectives. A CIO helps ensure that the business needs are being met by your current and future technology strategy. They can translate business-speak into technology terms and also explain technology solutions in layman’s terms.

With Denali Consulting as your CIO:

  • An IT strategy and roadmap is designed that will closely align with your business needs and allow your business to be competitive and productive.
  • You have a single point of contact and a person solely responsible for designing an information technology strategy that will meet your business goals.
  • You have someone to help your business decide which technology projects, services, or applications will keep you on track with your strategy.

Additionally, a fractional CIO is sharing time across different industries, which gives you the benefit of their collective experience.

Litigation Support

IT litigation support allows the attorney to focus on the primary aspects of a given case. Denali Consulting can assist you with your eDiscovery needs, from understanding the equipment or file types you have been provided with to searching large amounts of data for keywords, phrases, or conversations.

We can analyze a situation and advise you on what data to request. Also, we can offer suggestions on where useful data might be stored.

Email can be an especially valuable source of evidence in litigation. In addition, useful data may be found in text files, images, calendar files, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, and web browsing history.

  • Search emails for keywords, concepts, and conversations between specific addresses
  • Extract emails from email, file and backup servers
  • Extract emails from desktops, laptops, flash drives, PDAs, Smartphones, and backup media
  • Data de-duplication and filtering
  • Recover deleted files
  • Metadata capture: potentially identify a file’s creator, when it was modified, and when it was sent

Other Services

The services listed above are the areas in which we most frequently receive requests for assistance. However, we can provide assistance in most situations where computers or data are involved. Here are some services we have previously provided to clients:

  • Network migration and relocation (coordinating power, phone, and data vendors)
  • Review and negotiate vendor contracts
  • Data backup systems/procedures
  • Data destruction (hard drive scrubbing)
  • User needs assessments

P: 503-969-1358


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